Brush up on your product knowledge on Avon Academy so you're ready to demo the Anew Power collection. Share samples with new and existing customers to build those pre-launch orders - buy them on page 8. We have a powerful new advert for new Anew Power Cream! Look out for it on your screens and share it from the Avon UK Facebook page to drive even more sales. Learn more and earn more with the Power Cream virtual workshops. Get the dates in your diary - 12th April at 11am and 10th May at 11am. Don't forget your customers can buy Anew Power Cream from 23rd April. Share your Digital Brochure for a Rep exclusive competition and to maximise sales. Exciting Anew Power Cream news Anew dropping on 1st May. Psst! Keep your eyes peeled for the Anew Power display stand and canvassing cards. Your Rep newsletter will have all the details about ordering and maximising sales. I offer skincare consultations to all my customers now that I’m a certified Beauty Adviser. It’s a great way to try the products, build relationships and tell them about new product launches – especially if they’re already using others in the range.

Power up your sales with the new Anew Power Cream. What is it? A powerful day and night cream that renews millions of skin cells in just 7 days to help improve the feel of skin strength, elasticity and firmness. Why your customers will love it. It's packed with 10x more Protinol™ than other Anew day and night creams and skincare saviour niacinamide to help activate surface skin cell renewal - magic. How to use it. Perfect for all skin types and tones, use it day or night for great results - we recommend alternating monthly between your usual Anew day or night cream and this one. Let customers know the Power Cream is the perfect partner to our Anew Vitamin C SPF moisturiser when using it in the morning. What's in it for you? Why sell 1 product when you can sell 3? Selling a skincare regime is a simple way to boost your order value and help customers understand how to build a regime. Demo the Anew Power regime and share application tips and tricks from your monthly toolkit on Avon Academy.

Create a skincare buzz pre-launch. Start creating a skincare buzz before the launch of Anew Power cream by trying it for yourself and sharing your amazing results! Take the 7-day switch challenge and share a selfie before and after using the product for 7 days. Ask your customers to do the same when sharing samples. Why not build a pre-order list for all your customers who want to buy the Power Cream? I’m super excited about the launch of Power Cream! I’ve started sharing photos of samples from Conference with customers to get them excited about the launch. I’ve got a tracker of all my customers who love Protinol™ – whether it’s the plumping shots, the Anew creams or the Power Serum – and I’ll be reaching out with a personal message before launch to share the benefits! I’m also planning a skincare Live in my group focusing on the power trio. Did you know that certified Beauty Advisers have seen a whopping 22% uplift in skincare sales? Skincare consultations are a great way to grow sales, as your customers are more likely to buy products you’ve personally recommended. If you’d like to get started with consultations, head to Avon Academy to start your Beauty Adviser journey.